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BODY BAG DEMONSTRATION WALK : Featured in the Chicago Defender  Read the Article! Images from the march below!

Chicago, IL, May 21, 2014—- Due to the distressing amount of gun violence that has resulted in murders of innocent citizens in Chicago since January 2014, The Felony Free Society (TFFS) which is a non- profit organization that helps to assist youth and adults avoid felonies, is staged a Body Bag Demonstration Walk.  The purpose of this walk is to bring to light the severity of the issue such as the continuing tragedies like 14 year old Endia Martin and mother of 3, Summer Moore by senseless gun violence. Other disturbing trends include but are not limited to:
• According to the Huffington Post, the weekend before April 14, 2014, 36 people were wounded in 36 hours due to gun violence.
• According to the Redeye, on April 27th, 2014, Chicago acknowledged its 100th homicide.
• According to CBS, there were 36 Wounded and 9 dead Easter weekend.
• According to Chicago Tribune there have been 14 homicides in May 2014.

The Felony Free Society (TFFS) would like to see:
• Felony awareness and a respect for life. We want respect for life and felony awareness to be taught as a part of the school’s curriculum.
• We also want an increase in job availability for returning citizens and low income residents.
• TFFS want to have better police protection in the community and for the police force to be more proactive within high crime areas.
• The Felony Free Society (TFFS) wants better community unity between our political and faith based leaders.

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