• Mario Burks

    My name is Mario Burks and I am twenty two years old. I grew up in Chicago on the south and east side. My community is a high crime area. It was easy to get into trouble but very hard to get out of it. Some of my friends did not make it out of the neighborhood due to guns and drugs. I got into The Felony Free Society to better my life. This program helps me with learning life skills and also mentors me in entrepreneurship. Having Mr. Brown as an excellent mentor keeps me focused and off of the streets.

     This program has changed my life for the better.  I look at things differently now. I understand why it is important to be felony free and I now have goals and I am working to prepare for my future. I have also remembered that God is a big part of my life no matter how down or high I am in life.

  • Tyrell Binion

    I am Tyrell Binion and I recently completed two consecutive jail sentences, federal and state prison. I grew up in a neighborhood that was drug infested and I made the decision to sell drugs instead of attend school. Even though I had just as many equal opportunities as everyone else I still decided to sell drugs. In my mind I believed that selling drugs would be my path to true success. Due to heavy thinking and a 5 year jail sentence, I decided to make life changing decisions because I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life in jail. The money definitely wasn’t worth being stuck in that predicament for life. Upon my release I became a client of Transitional Training Services and The Felony Free Society. Through The Felony Free Society I have opened my mind to different avenues for obtaining success.

    Through the mentorship of The Felony Free Society I realized that I want to give back to youth to mentor them into not making the same choices that I made. I would like to help them stay felony free and I also would like to show the youth that prosperity is not found in a gun, drugs or check scams but instead, found in knowledge, drive and hard work.

  • Dre Collins

    My name is Dre Collins and I am 19 years old. I am the oldest of three kids and I live with my mother. My success story just began when I was first introduced into The Felony Free Society. Mr. Brown took me under his wing and guided me through tough situations. Through Mr. Brown I received life and financial wisdom and have learned why my future is too important to throw away. He has given me tips on how to become wealthy, and taught me things that I would not have learned on my own.

     I know it is possible to become wealthy because Mr. Brown is a living witness. Since I have known Mr. Brown he has been 100 with me since day one. Meaning Mr. Brown has always been honest and real with me. I understand that the path I was on is counterfeit and my dreams will come true though hard work and dedication. I am so glad that I have learned how to live felony free. Now I have a new outlook on life. Thanks Mr. Brown!

Advantage Program

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