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So you made it! You paid your debt to society. 10 years of pain and misery; 10 years away from your wife, kids, mother, brothers and sisters; 10 yrs. of physical confrontation fighting for nothing and everything at the same time; 10 years of being told what to do and when to do it; 10 years of dealing with unsavory prison guards; 10 years of hurt from missing your grandmother’s funeral for whom you never got to say good bye to; 10 long years of eating food that didn’t look or taste like food; 10 years of seeing and hearing things you’ll remember for the rest of your life; 10 years of working for wages 95% below the national minimum wage; 10 years of cold nights and lonely days dreaming of the outside world…….AND THAT WAS THE EASY PART!!…NOW YOU’RE FREE!!! And you realize that coping with the pressures of complying with your release guidelines, finding employment, housing, and health care with the Felony status attached to your name can be overwhelming…BUT DON’T GIVE UP!!!. If you are truly ready to change your life, and are willing to take an Oath, The Felony Free Society can help! Let us help you not only find a great job, but also assist you in plotting a pathway to long term success, happiness and fulfillment…..We believe in YOU! All we need is YOU, to Believe in YOU!! …..The Felony Free Society is here to help. Call us NOW!

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